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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
No I just copied the list and didn't even realize it was adjusted (though I did think it was strange how big the grosses were for the old movies, I guess my brain froze on me ) Point was (and now that I see it's adjusted it's even stronger) that no June movie has ever made more than 119 million on it's OW so the guy saying how even 125 million OW for MOS is conservative is a bit...strange, to say the least. I doubt MOS will brake any box office records. It's going to be a fantastic outcome if it brakes into the top 5 June OW all time list.
True ... but can't just use months history as what will happen next ... forever, March was a barren wasteland ... then 300 did 70 million and set a record and people were like, cool. Then you had Hunger Games make 150 million, smashing what came before. If a movie is good and marketed well, people will show up.

Man of Steel Prediction for now
Opening - 110 million (could go higher if buzz continues to grow ... Superman Returns with inflation, Friday release instead of Wednesday and 3D would be over 90)
Domestic Gross - 325 million (SR does 260-265 with inflation/3D)
Overseas Gross - 400 million (SR does about 250 inflation/3D)

Worldwide Gross - 725 million

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