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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
You say a strictly ticket aspect, what other way is there to look at it ?
Of course , it could open Lower than SR , anythings possible, ether way .
My writing was a little off ... but if it sells apx as many tickets as Superman Returns opening weekend (if it would have opened on a Friday instead of Wednesday) Man of Steel would do in the neighborhood of 90 million.

I simply feel that the demand seems to be higher than it was in 2006 ... but even saying that, I remember the disappointment of the film and the public's lack of embrace of the character in favor of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & Jack Sparrow, leaving it to struggle to 200 million.

If it's not good & makes less than Superman Returns overall, the character is essentially dead as a tier 1 comic property in America for the foreseeable future and will be a huge strike for WB and their DC universe plans.

I hope it sure doesn't and don't expect it will.

... although, having said that ... all I truly care about is a good film.

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