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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - Part 14

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I've long held the belief that RDJ is the glue holding together the future of Iron Man on film. Even after watching film 3 it's hard for to me to imagine any other person being able to slip into that characters shoes and achieve a similar result. As long as RDJ is there the character is a safe bet. The problem is frankly the series lacks villains, every Iron Man bad guy on film has only ever been ok and not all that memorable, Loki was at least an interesting bad guy for Thor and was a great choice for Avengers, but that lack of a colourful baddie means Stark is always going to be the centre of attention and thus a lot of weight is going to be placed on the actor who plays him to carry the film. RDJ can do it, but I'm curious to know the direction Marvel go with the character when he leaves. I'm not so certain even they know what a post RDJ Iron Man will be like. I'd discuss it further but doing so would potentially ruin the new movie for some people.
This is why it wouldn't shock me one bit if RDJ took on a sort of Nick Fury role from here on out. Just popping in and out of the universe whenever Marvel really needed the juice. It would let RDJ do what he wants on the side and yet still be the glue that keeps the universe together.

We're going to see how popular the MCU really is once he's gone. If I'm Marvel, get rid of Sam Jackson's Nick Fury (love Sam but you could tell in the Avengers that he's getting too old) and make RDJ the director of SHIELD.

It happens in the comics. Why not here?