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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
This is why it wouldn't shock me one bit if RDJ took on a sort of Nick Fury role from here on out. Just popping in and out of the universe whenever Marvel really needed the juice. It would let RDJ do what he wants on the side and yet still be the glue that keeps the universe together.

We're going to see how popular the MCU really is once he's gone. If I'm Marvel, get rid of Sam Jackson's Nick Fury (love Sam but you could tell in the Avengers that he's getting too old) and make RDJ the director of SHIELD.

It happens in the comics. Why not here?
The real test is actually going to be Thor 2 IMO. I'm curious to see what sort of Avengers 'bump' it's going to get. IM3 was always going to be a big movie regardless of its quality, if Thor 2 generates similar numbers and critical response I think it's a fair statement to say the MCU is for the near future in good state. I'm suspicious though coz it's a bit like comparing apple and oranges, IM was already big before Avengers, Thor was a moderate success, I can see a bump but I'm not so certain it's going to be a significant one, the first trailer didn't do anything to make me think otherwise. One thing I did notice today was the after credit sequence. The cinema was about 80% full today yet only about a dozen people stayed for the post-credit bit, so I'm not so certain the MCU is as ingrained in people thoughts as some would hope.

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