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Default Re: Bruce Wayne: billionaire orphan

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I prefer the ending to the Nolan trilogy than the idea of Bruce being Batman forever, because that's a very sad portrait of the character. It means that he couldn't get on with his life and leave crime fighting to the numerous sidekicks he has trained and raised like his own children. We must remember that underneath the cowl of The Batman is the person Bruce Wayne.
Agreed. I think the people who have issues with TDKR's ending (Bruce would NEVER retire!!!!!) would prefer an ending such as the one in Batman 89. Triumphant music, Batman looking over the city with the signal in the background. But I guess they don't just realize how truly sad that is, that this man will be spending the rest of his life, unable to ever deal with the trauma in his life, spending his days having his body pulverized and deteriorating while fighting crime.

Don't people want Bruce to be happy? Lol He found his happiness at the end and left Gotham secure by passing the torch to another protector. An ending I believe he truly deserves.

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