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Default Re: Bruce Wayne: billionaire orphan

Originally Posted by Dude View Post
With all of the negative discussion of TDKR, I think we miss the fact that the film makes us realize that the story of Bruce Wayne is essentially the story of an orphan dealing with the pain of being forcibly abandoned in the world. While Alfred was a doable substitute Bruce still grieved the loss of patents. This affects brain chemistry to young children. This is reflected in Bruce passing the mantle to another orphan as well as the establishment of an orphanage in his parents name. As someone in the adoption community, I have to say that Blake's monologue to Bruce when he informs him that he knows his identity is frighteningly accurate of the emotional turmoil these lonely souls go through. This is why TDKR is my favorite of the trilogy.

Am I off base?

I've said many times that TDKR is a very special movie , the way it deals with the legacy left to younger generations , and their importance in our society. It also tries to portrait a little bit of how some people deal with losses , and how it torments them throughout life.

The final moments of this picture , are not only an enormous triumph in a cinematic operatic way , its also a tremendous achievement to encapsulate a very important aspect of the history of this character. . As a fan who grew up reading Batman , watching the ending unraveling... it just left me with a big smile in the face.Finally he is able to succeed

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