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Default Re: Does it HAVE to be a trilogy? Can it go beyond three films?

If MoS is successful enough, they should go the Bond route, once Cavill and Adams are too old, just replace them for other actors without having to reboot the series.

This way we would have a new Superman movie every 3 years or so, with new stories to enjoy, and maybe in 20 or 30 years they could reboot the series for new generations of fans like Casino Royale did for Bond.

I think the trilogy thing that Nolan did with Batman was a gigantic failure based on his even bigger ego (no hater here, I mostly like him, but his movies are getting too flawed storywise as of lately). The next Batman movie should just kind of ignore TDKR and show a new story in a similar realistic universe that is shared with MoS's and other DC characters.

I hope Superman does NOT retire or die in the third movie or something like that. Batman's retirement in TDKR's was just ridiculous (like most of the movie, sorry nolanites) and M.Millar's idea of Superman dying at the end of a trilogy in a few thousand/million years with the sun exploding is lame at best, since Superman could always fly to other solar systems with the rest of the surviving humans because I guess that humanity would have plenty of spaceships by then, human kind would have learnt by themselves to travel to other galaxies after so much time or Superman would help them with kryptonian technology or the Green Lantern Corps would evacuate all humans from the planet. My point is that Millar's idea just makes no sense at all, like Nolan's ending for Batman didn't make sense either (and I could write a book about that X-D), so I hope these possible series are not ruined for some ridiculous artistic interest that makes no sense.

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