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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

The first trailer for Thor:The Dark World didn't cause me to change my oporion.I am still kinda of Meh to It.

I have a very Meh feeling to Iron Man 3 but It doesn't change the fact It will be top 2013
film as far as money goes but remember Iron Man 2 also made tons of money

Man of Steel Is likely to be a Batman Begins style hit It probally won't be a Dark Knight style hit.

The Wolverine has lot of pential.Take Iron Man and avengers out of MS films and you see they don't crap gold as far as critical reaction goes.And If Robert Downey JR Isn't Starring they make under 200 million Domesticly.

Thor with 3-d just barely outgrossed Origins domesticly.Cap with 3-d wasn't able to outgross Origins domesticly.Origins actully outgrossed X2 International although first Class outgrossed Origins Internationly as well as Cap.With 3-d The Wolverine will do very well Internationaly.It's domesticly that's the question.At best case It will be close to what Origins did 179 Million but I wouldn't be shocked to see a 150 Million domesticly slight better than First Class but 200 Million International higher than Origins but under both first Class and Last Stand's numbers.

Thor will likely get close to 181 Million that first film did domesticly.Sequels like the Empire Strikes back,Batman Returns,Superman II,Spider-Man 2,Iron Man 2,and the Dark Knight rises did less than original domesticly.

Untill I get some idea on what Joss whedon has planned for avengers sequel Cap sequel Is only MS film that has given me any excitement.

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