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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

I've just heard that Halle Berry will be filming until Late July, that seems like she will factor into this movie much prominently than anyone expected. It almost definitely means that she's the leader as that is the only way they have developed her character.

When does Jennifer finish filming American Hustle, does anyone know? I wonder how long she'll be filming for. I'm starting to think that one of the users on this thread were right when they posted that development and screen time of the two characters may be more equal.

Storm is a fan favourite that needs to finally be done justice and Halle Berry is certainly an A list star that probably would not have signed on unless she knew that Storm had an important (though not necessarily large part). Where as Mystique isn't really a fan favourite (she hasn't been relevant in the comics for quite a while) but Jennifer Lawrence is definitely huge!!

Having said that though Halle Berry was definitely as big as her when she won her Oscar back in 2001 but she wasn't given that much screen time or character development for X2 despite her popularity. I don't think Bryan will go out of his way to give Mystique a huge role as he didn't for Storm. but just like X2 with Halle, Fox will market the hell out of JLaw.

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