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Default Re: The french actor Omar Sy Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
The fact he has another film to start In late may makes me feel better about having Bishop
In film.I didn't want a sceniro like 1990's animated show where he Is focal character In
future and he IS time traveler.Plus the 90's animated show gave the misconception that Bishop Is consently time traveling.Bishop was from a further point In history and trapped In present chasing villain.Besides that It was only when he pulled In past by Legion that created the AoA that he even time traveled.The prospects of Bishop In film being similar to Wolverine and the X-Men version makes me feel bitter.
I don't want his character to be a focal point either. I'm hoping he's some sort of catalyst that somehow knows that time/history has been altered and that it must be fixed... kind of like his role in Age of Apocalypse. He was like a confused time-displaced drifter. But his role was definitely supporting.

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