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Default Re: Kevin Munroe's TMNT

Originally Posted by DarkJester View Post
All the turtle love on this board and yet, this film seems all but forgotten. Am I the only one who really enjoyed it? Sure, the overall plot is cliched (when the stars align, monsters, blahblahblah), but seriously, Turtles 3 seems to get more love. TMNT has some really good substance in there and should've gotten the sequel it left itself open for instead of this Michael Bay garbage.

*sigh* I feel like a lonely turtle fan, longing for a sequel that will never be, drifting along in a sea of people who don't give a ****.

Seriously though, Leo and Raph's fight in the rain? Probably the best turtle moment in any of the films. Come at me, bro.
The fight between Leo and Raph was so bad ass. I gasped when Raph broke Leo's katanna.

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