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Default Re: 'There's a wolf on the school' - The Booboo Stewart Thread

Now hold on a second...

I just read the article about how Bishop and Warpath have been "confirmed". Please notice the "" around "confirmed".

What necessarily makes that automatic that BooBoo is Warpath? Warpath is supposed to be big, BooBoo is a little dude. Sure he's built, but he's not some 6' something big dude!

For my money, unless someone has more information than I have seen, I'm thinking that Warpth is Adan, and not BooBoo (and yes, I read his off the cuff statement about "bursting into flames", but I'm not buying it).

Here's a pic:

Hopefully the pic will come through. If not, could someone post a side by side of Warpath and Canto?

He sure looks the part, way more than BooBoo!

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