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Default Re: The #4 movie - which movie series will have it first?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
It's a different situation then the Avengers. These aren't four completely different characters who have never met before. FC was an origin to X1. Thats the same as the Avengers having one team prequel film, not 4 solo films that have a clear plan to crossover as a team after the fact.

The Future roster for Dofp is huge. Wolverine, Rogue, Prof X, Kitty, Storm, Iceman, Colossus, Magneto, Bishop, Warpath and Blink. FC has like 4 returning members. All of which are just playing younger versions of characters in X1-3. Since this is post X3, why couldn't this be X4? Because younger versions of themselves are in it and they have time travel involved? It's all the same, everyone in these films are there cause of X1.

The series has so many options after this film it is impossible to know what they will do. FC could have it's own timeline. The X1-3 timline could be erased, etc. I really don't see the title X4 as an option, cause it will be starting a new one way or another, unless DoFP is a two parter or they jump to AOA. No one will know till they release it. Hopefully they just plan these film's ahead from now on.
Meh. When you make baseless sweeping assumptions like Warpath and Blink come in post X1, that's a given, but when I point out how DOFP fixed the original timeline and then adventures continued on after that in sequential order, well... it's just *impossible to know* because they have the option to fracture the franchise.

Part of your different perspective is that you feel like McAvoy and Stewart are playing the same character, simply because they have the same name and childhood, but after you watch Fight Club a few times, and Looper a few times, you start to realize that just because two people are playing the same *person* does not at all mean they're playing the same character. That's why this movie has a team up effect, much like Avengers. That's also part of why it never came up as an option until after Avengers, because no one thought of capitalizing on that potential til Avengers made a billion.

Speaking of, everything for the MCU started with Captain America, Stark's line, Hulk's inspiration, and The Cosmic Cube's use and Asgard's involvement with Earth. So can we call Avengers "Captain America 2?" No, because it's a team up film. It takes place post Cap post IM 2, but because it's a team up film, it's neither.

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