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Default Re: The #4 movie - which movie series will have it first?

Cap, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor all started as a stand alone series. X-Men didn't, they have a prequel and only 1 character has spinoff's. One that doesnt even want to carry a 2 or any other hint it's a sequel. Without X1 none of them would exist. It's a completely different situation then Avengers which is it's own beast. Prof X and Magneto as of now are in the same timline. Until we have that timeline switch, corrected future or whatever the **** they want to do, it's the same.
Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Meh. When you make baseless sweeping assumptions like Warpath and Blink come in post X1, that's a given,
Don't think Mcavoy, Lawrence and Fassbender have been on set yet. The Actor playing Warpath has been seen with those who are. Which is the Post X3 crew.Also the video where they announced the names seemed to be characters who would all be featured in scene's close to shooting. Blink's name was there. Could be wrong, but if I was to bet I would bet that the actors on set are more then likely going to be in scenes together.
but when I point out how DOFP fixed the original timeline and then adventures continued on after that in sequential order, well... it's just *impossible to know* because they have the option to fracture the franchise.
It is impossible to know. All of it. Have you seen this series? Now they are dealing with time travel and Alt realities haha. I personally don't think the number 4 will be used in this series or undertsand the point of view that this is somehow completely different then a true X4. There's not enough separating it from the main series imo. But maybe there will be and I'm wrong. We shall see next year.

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