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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Solouk View Post
But sadly, after the success of the OT, GL holed himself up in Skywalker ranch and drifted into madness. After years of recluse he came to firmly believe that he could do it all himself. Write, direct, everything. He was untouchable. He would surround himself with arse lickers who were afraid of his shadow, and people who had no creative opinion about anything, ever. And if they did they were too gutless to voice that opinion with the fear GL would send them packing to dare question his vision. He would prove to the world that he, and he alone could do it all....
I hate these characterizations of Lucas.

Lucas has said and still says to this day he does not like writing and knows it is not his strong suit. When he set out to write the prequels, he approached Lawrence Kasdan to be involved. Kasdan politely said that Star Wars were George's stories and that he should write them. Likewise when thinking about directing, his friends such as Spielberg encouraged him to get back in the director's chair. Lucas decided to direct Episode I to see how it went. If he still didn't care for directing, he would get others to direct the other two (like he did for the OT). Turns out he enjoyed the experience so he decided to direct the other two.

Originally Posted by Solouk View Post
Remember, without the success of the OT, there would be no PT. Lucas should've made the prequels as a thanks to the fans that made him a very rich man.
NO, Lucas should have made the prequels to complete the story he wanted to tell.

Remember, Lucas made movies that he wanted to see. That's why he made the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films. It just so happens his tastes matched a generation's taste. So, maybe the prequels didn't match as many tastes as his films of the 70's & 80's. You don't like them? Don't watch them, or buy items related to them to make him a "very rich man."

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