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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Compi716 View Post
Something as perfectly timeless as Superman, who is the epitome of American mythology, should not bend to suit the whims of a the "younger generation" who think they define what's "cool".
I agree, but that isn't set in stone. I think of superheroes almost as competing religions, all vying for the attention and the imagination of new believers (children). Whereas Superman once dominated the superhero market, he has since been met with more heavy competition. And while I don't doubt that Superman is still - by far - the most popular superhero in the world... he won't be for long if future generations of children are time and time again being introduced to the superhero mythos through the eyes of another superhero. There's a good chance Superman is my favorite superhero simply because he is the character I was raised on.

When I was a kid in the 80's it was all about Superman and Batman, but now? Even a third tier character like Iron Man has rose to prominence and has captured the imagination of an entirely new generation of children. Now Iron Man is a thing. Now the character has life in him. When I was a kid, no one wanted to be Iron Man. But now? Ask yourself how many kids would rather be Superman? I'm not even sure I know the answer. They're too busy playing Avengers. Or playing Batman. Or playing Spiderman. And if these kids don't care about Superman, then neither will their kids. So in my opinion, the absolute LAST thing the Superman character needs is for everyone to be reminded that he's a thing of the past. That he's something of a different time. And I'm sorry... I believe the trunks would do just that.

The powers at WB have a responsibility to the character and the property, not just as keepers of the faith but also a responsibility to ensure that the character endures. Man Of Steel looks to be the answer. REMOVING THE TRUNKS... is an answer.

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