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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - Part 9

Originally Posted by Dusty_Lane View Post
There's no doubt that one day Batman will be rebooted. However, I absolutely feel now, meaning anytime within the next ten years, just isn't the right time. Look at The Amazing Spider-Man. Sure it made good money, but is it really setting the cinema world on fire by comparison of it's predecessor. Batman Begins took a quiter approach as well but strong word of mouth launched massive hype for it's sequel with TDK. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it's like nobody even cares sadly. WB should be looking at this. With Bale all they need is a couple more performances out of him for a World's Finest and a couple of Justice League movies. He could easily play this role until he's 50.
Its predecessor only did so because there were no other superhero movies at the time. The only other franchise that was running at the time had been X-Men. The last successful one had been Batman and that crashed and burned. X-Men and Spider-Man were both mediocre movies, but they got attention because they were two of the very first CBMs based on major characters. But that's about it. Period. And how exactly does nobody care about TASM 2? It's been getting as much coverage as Iron Man 3 when it was filming, maybe even a bit more. It already got more coverage than Thor or The Wolverine. Heck, it gets more press than half the MCU.

Also, if James Bond can go a maximum of 4 years without a new movie, I don't see why Batman can't especially since Batman is a bit more iconic than he is plus much like Bond, he has had multiple different interpretations of him and different actors playing him within a very short gap of time. Bale is not attached to Batman in the same way that Christopher Reeve is attached to Superman, RDJ is attached to Iron Man, and Hugh Jackman is attached to Wolverine.

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