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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 51

Originally Posted by DIRECTOR View Post
I still don't know what it's hard to connect both The Dark Knight/Nolanverse with the MOS universe? It's simple. The events in the Batman trilogy is before Clark reveals himself to the wold. Hell, it could be right after the events in TDKR, while Bruce is sipping his damn coffee is when Clark discovers the FOS. It's all part of the "Escalation" theme from Batman Begins, with Superman arrival, more outerspace elements come into existence and becomes a threat.

I could see that the events of JL is what brings Batman from retirement................ HE WASN'T SUPPOSE TO RETIRE IN THE FIRST PLACE....... DAMN YOU NOLAN
If you still think that this Bruce Wayne shouldn't have retired (not the comic Batman, but just this interpretation), then you completely missed his character arc. Him returning now would negate his arc of finally escaping the mental barrier (symbolized by the well and the pit), moving on from the self destructive existence he has known and finally learning to live as Bruce Wayne. To finally "have a life outside this cave." And, to top it all off, he can watch the symbol he created inspire generations of Gotham to protect the city. Honestly, it's probably one of the most effective interpretations of Batman to date seeing as (from what we are led to believe), Batman creates hope and inspires generations more than Bruce beating up thugs on the streets ever could.

But back on topic, that track from the app is awesome. I can't wait to hear it in higher quality.

EDIT: And I really hope MOS gets a solid stand alone trilogy before Justice League even gets into development beyond chatter.

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