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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by snyderrocks View Post
to say Robert's comeback was not in iron man is like somebody saying mickey Rourke's comeback was not in the wrestler .

the only individual who had a comeback due to kiss kiss bang bang was Shane black not rdj where have you been ? .

it is a shame Hugh Laurie should have been Sherlock Holmes at least the audience would have understood him i can't figure out how Robert won the globe over Joseph Gordon Levitt for 500 days of summer ?.

Justin Bieber is a train-wreck with drugs and booze was Robert any-better when he was his age ? did not think so

and 50 shades of grey is a series of erotic novel's it is not porn because the book's actually have a plot and i don''t know if anybody here has noticed but north american porn has no plot ? so nice try
Okay, so what was KKBB then? RDJ's return to the screen in (in my opinion) one of the best comedies to date.

...wait. You couldn't understand RDJ in those movies? Really? I don't know what to say to that, I found him clear as crystal.

And I do agree that JGL in 500 Days was better if we're comparing to RDJ's Sherlock.

Wait, have I missed something? Justin Bieber's a train-wreck with drugs and booze? I mean, I know he's an awful singer and all but when'd he become a train-wreck with drugs and booze? And how did I miss this?

And whether or not RDJ was better or worse at that age, you have yet to make any convincing arguments regarding his modern career. Zodiac, Iron Man and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are by far better than what Cavill's got under his belt so far (though Cavill's no slouch either and I'm loving what I've seen of him in MOS so far, hopefully his performance is fantastic).

The plot is as deep and interesting as the intro to porn. It's just there so the author can go and write sex scenes.

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