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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
For me, the thing that matters the most is which film is better in general. Just because the other one is closer to the comics, it doesn't mean as a film, its already better.
I agree, but for me, it might be sort of hard to compare them because they're almost diametrically different. It would be easier to compare the first Iron Man and Man of Steel, or even Iron Man 2, but with Iron Man 3, I feel like it's almost discussing whether The Avengers/Batman Begins or Lethal Weapon or Godfather is better. It feels odd to compare such different genres. Iron Man 3 is going to invite the comparisons because it's technically a "superhero" film, but at its heart it's completely different from your traditional superhero flick, and actually strives for that.

Given, if Man of Steel is horrible, it's horrible. But all things equal and both films turn out to be great in their own right, it's going to be very hard to straight up compare the two on the basis of them being superhero films.

I'm just speaking for myself though. Maybe I'm thinking too much. But I feel like I will have a very hard time coming to a conclusion on which is better. It all comes down to your preference of film genre, not just tone like we're used to in these comparisons.

Originally Posted by Whiskey Tango View Post
Isn't this what everyone always asks for? Something different, something that doesn't follow formula.

Then they get it and they ***** that it's too reminiscent of the director. Can. Not. Win.

Not directed at you, Dent. Just in general.
Yeah, that's definitely what you see people lawd criticism over superhero films with, specifically critics. It seems like this route is working though judging from early RT aggregation.

I personally like the fact that Marvel is expanding on the superhero film and letting them be a breeding ground for every type of genre and directive style. It's the same thing James Bond has done for decades. It's the only way to keep these films fresh and last for a long time. Not to mention it just lends to more potential great films for these characters.

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