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Default Re: I think enough time has passed now..I can honestly say..

...And that's a good thing. Hell, I wish Nolan would do either a story between TDK and TDKR, with Batman being hunted while taking down the remnants of the mob with Cobblepot and Black Mask until the Dent Act officially comes into play; making him irrelevant, or a film post TDKR with Blake being the new Batman or Nightwing. But that's because I love the hell out of Nolan's interpretation.

In one way I'm glad Nolan is finished with Batman on film, because Nolan/Bale and Co. were able to go out on top. Yet I'm kinda sad it's all over, because I loved pretty much everything involved with these films - from the actors, to the soundtracks by Zimmer, to seeing a full on journey for Bruce/Batman, to the stories drawn from the comics, to specific villains and supporting characters used, and just the fact that I finally got my Batman on film. But all good things have to come to an end.

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