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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 3

My two cents: discussion of the actor's body in context of a film does not equate to sexism. I've read the past few pages and the only concerns are about two actors in the film-Evans and Johansson-looking malnourished. That is not sexism, but part of a discussion of the components of a film: the image that the actors crafted and how it will operate in context of the film.

Sexism exists in all mediums and sites. One of the reasons I have not logged into my Tumblr account for months is because I became quite tired of the misandry and resultant hypocrisy: memes such as the Hawkeye Initiative fed the huge fire of male hate, yet posters who contributed to it also reblogged nude photographs or the Marvel Studios actors, close-ups of their genitals or ass, or .GIF sets, such as the amusing one at the top of this page.

The problem of sexism is a two way street. While the majority of it is male-created (due to the power they have in society,) the remaining element is considerably potent, considering it feeds into misandry, most of the time.

In context of these boards, it's everywhere: one cannot go to the Thor boards without encountering Hiddleston's female fan base. Conversely, there are discussions about the female's sexual image on these boards (such as the size of Emma Stone's breasts, back during the ASM days. ) Both sides are guilty of sexualizing performers, to some degree.

Everyone needs to chill out. Between this and the perceived Im3 debacle, I am surprised the forum has not exploded.

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