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Default Re: 'There's a wolf on the school' - The Booboo Stewart Thread

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Booboo is huge, has long hair, and is Native American.

Warpath is huge, has long hair, and is Native American.

I don't necesarily agree with you. Don't get me wrong, the kid is ripped, but "huge"?

Just checked his bio, the kid is 5' 6". Warpath is supposed to be a giant, on par with Colossus! In fact, the bio on Warpath states that he is 7' 1" tall!!!!!!! BooBoo is 19" too short!!!

Sure, they could use CG or different ways to film or shoes with high heals to try to make up for this, but would they go through all that just to have BooBoo?

If he is Warpath and they don't compensate in some way for his lack of stature I'm going to be very disappointed. Can you imagine a short Warpath? Just threw up in my mouth a little...

Someone else posted and questioned that a Mexican actor (Adan) could play an Apache? Really? You don't think Adan could pull off the look for Warpath? Sorry, but I think Adan would look really good in that role. Just shave the cheesy stach, grow the hair or use a wig, and good to go! Also Adan is 6'1"!

People just seem so caught up in the whole BooBoo is Native American so he HAS to be Warpath and Adan is Mexican so he HAS to be some mexican x-character.

Got to admit I don't see how Warpath fits into the Days of Future Past storyline, but hey, we'll see... It just seems forced... But I tend to agree, he's likely to be on the baddie side (we already have so many present X-men cast).

I'm getting a little worried about this flick!

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