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Default Re: 'There's a wolf on the school' - The Booboo Stewart Thread

I never understand when fans say "this character doesnt fit with this or that storyline"

This movie deals with an apocalyptic situation for mutants, where they are hunted and killed by sentinels.

The mutants that can appear on that right situation can be anyone the director and the studio want.

Rogue, Iceman, old Charles, Blink, Bishop, Warpath... all these characters didnt appear on the storyarc of the comic. There is no real difference between one or another. Some appeared on the trilogy, but the other are mutants that live on the universe too, so thats why this movie will have both familiar and new mutants, because that world HAS many mutants, not just the x-men from the trilogy.

So the "this character doesnt fit on this or that" is kind of pointless.

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