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Default Re: Batman television show?

A good Batman program is impossible for network television: the budget would prevent it from lasting past a season (provided it even made it past the pilot stage.)

In the ideal world where money flows like absinthe, the show would be the perfect manifestation of Batman: instead of dividing a movie into sixteen parts, they could alternate between season long arcs and self enclosed episodes (I always wanted to see an adaptation of the Library of Doom and other stories that do not involve the Rogues' Gallery.) They could manipulate the influence of the different eras/art movements: one episode could highlight the Art Deco/Gothic element, another the sci-fi aspect of the 50's, another the CSI crime thriller, another the occult thriller (Gothic, The Mad Monk,) and so on and on.

But, that's in the Walgreens' perfect world. It is impossible for the current iteration of network television.

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