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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper & Gifs/Avvy Thread II - Part 2

Originally Posted by Team Andino View Post
It always came off to me that after Blake takes the guy holding the gun to his head out that he just watches in amazement at the Batman, but I just pretend that he takes that idiot out on the left otherwise I groan at such a dumb thing out in the open like this in not just such a big movie but a movie I love.
I've seen a widescreen clip of it (having trouble tracking it down at the moment) that shows just empty space to the left of the guy who falls over.

Regardless, the final cut of the shot shows Blake turning away from the guy he KO'd (Christopher Judge, was his character even given a name? Is he Ubu?) and walking toward the fight just as Batman is finishing it up. It suggests Blake was busy while the guy falls over.

Skip to about 2:28 for the scene.

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