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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Well, every single person that's not into comics I've talked to have considered giving MoS a shot once they saw the 1st still (the one where he's in front of the vault). Granted, neither Athens nor my social circles (online or physical) equal the rest of the world, but the loss of trunks does make a difference.

And it's not just the trunks per se, it's what they also signify: Another version. Now, I get your point: "What if we had gotten this 'another' version, but also kept the trunks?" And my answer to that is, you need a visual topping to your do-over. And when it comes to Superman, the public has 3 things to say:
1.He wears his underwear outside his suit.
2.He's a goodie 2-shoes.
3.He's too powerful.

And it looks like MoS is addressing all 3 of those things in one way or another. But the trunks are the most direct way to tell cynics "Yeah, he's different this time around", while keeping the morals and core of the character. And I honestly believe this is going to make some kind of difference to the BO, silly/funny as it may sound to you.
The people I talked first noticed that this film will be more action packed than SR and when I told them Snyder was behind it, they got more excited. Then talks of trunks came, to which they wondered why they were missing and I explained the current change in comics and litigation, but they were ultimately indifferent with an "Oh, ok" type of reaction. Nothing about how "good" he is or power. Much excitement about action and quality thanks to Snyder and Nolan's names.

It's like JAK brought up, some people may make these same complaints and/or jokes, but they still end up coming to see the films. If MOS kept the trunks and marketed the film the same exact way (He not only throws a punch, but at least two!), it'd still be more appealing than SR in which they tried to play up on the assumed nostalgia the general public had for the Donner films.

I was at some diplomatic party once. Got to talking to this princess who told me that when it came to Superman, I was missing the point. She told me, "His real strength lay in his generous spirit and sense of what's fair." - King Faraday

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