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Default Re: I think enough time has passed now..I can honestly say..

I still believe Bale will be back for JL. Call it a dream but until a new Batman (actor and everything) is announced for his own set of movies and the JL film, im still of the belief that Bale/Nolan will return.

A Nightwing spin-off could be cool, so would a Catwoman film with Anne. But I would love to see Bruce leave Gotham and his pain behind, leaving the protection of the city to Blake, while he unselfishly aids Superman & the rest on the other side of the planet in saving Earth. Creating a League of his own as an answer to the League of Shadows. A league of pure justice.

Bale's only 39 and he said he'd come back if there was a story to tell...look at Downey and Daniel Craig. Theyre mid to late 40s currently.

Bale's Batman can still return and it doesn't spit all over the trilogy.

So yeah a huge part of me wants more from this Batman.

"Every time you open that dvd box to watch the Dark Knight, it's actually a slice of baloney. the real movie is in your mind and Nolan performed an Inception on all of us." - tacit-ronin-
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