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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 3

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
While I haven't had the misfortune of seeing this unused clip I can only judge what was used and she didn't do anything in that for me to warrant the negative criticism I see some on here give her. For the most part scenes or takes that don't make the final cut are usually due to an actor's poor delivery or "acting". We usually don't get the benefit or in this case the misfortune of seeing these from other actors because they're usually not included in the extra features of dvd's or blurays.

That's not completely true. In this case, that scene was cut because it was a debriefing about how Fury handled the invasion. Hill starts by saying "You want to know what went wrong. How this horror, this catastrophe, could have been averted." The problem with that is the WSC shot a nuke at New York. Would that have averted the catastrophe? The WSC is sitting in judgment of Fury when at the end of the film, the audience sits in judgment of the WSC. They say he made mistakes but who exactly made the mistakes? And it's not like Fury stopped the delivery of the nuke so whatever, WSC.

This scene just throws you off completely from where the film ends up. The misdirection doesn't work well. This scene makes it feel like Fury and his decisions are the focus of the film, instead of the Avengers. Besides that, it's just dialogue with a few brief cuts to our heroes doing nothing. It's all very slow. Cobie's performance wasn't spectacular in this clip but I do not believe that's why the scene was cut. The scene was cut because it didn't work right and required the ending scene where Agent Hill calls out the WSC as the ones who made the mistakes and ultimately supports Fury's decisions where before you thought she was undercutting him.

The audience ended up in the same place in regards to our opinions of Fury and the WSC. Agent Hill wasn't needed to lead us there.

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