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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
You guys are a tough crowd.

That last example, the point in sharing it, is looking at elements that are interesting ideas for a reasonable design of a Batsuit.

This one for instance sought to add some kind of Armor as well as show cloth-like materials. It also shows a practical nature of the Batsuit in that the Belt looks like it could actually hold stuff and looks like Batman is actually ready for combat.
Without taking too much issue with those points (his head looks about as maneuverable as that of an Egyptian sarcophagus, so practicality is moot) its problem is that it is unbelievable ugly. It's pleasing for neither audiences nor marketeers if Batman is painful to look at.

But, I don't intend to seem rude or to be dismissive- it is interesting to see new approaches, so thank you for that.

Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
The idea that a man can be so tactically smart, or smart in general and go out fighting crime in just tights is beyond suspension of disbelief. That's just my two cents though
"Just tights", huh? I don't think even Bob Kane believed that was what he was drawing, nor will you see anyone here arguing for that.

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