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Default Re: 'There's a wolf on the school' - The Booboo Stewart Thread

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I never understand when fans say "this character doesnt fit with this or that storyline"

This movie deals with an apocalyptic situation for mutants, where they are hunted and killed by sentinels.

The mutants that can appear on that right situation can be anyone the director and the studio want.

Rogue, Iceman, old Charles, Blink, Bishop, Warpath... all these characters didnt appear on the storyarc of the comic. There is no real difference between one or another. Some appeared on the trilogy, but the other are mutants that live on the universe too, so thats why this movie will have both familiar and new mutants, because that world HAS many mutants, not just the x-men from the trilogy.

So the "this character doesnt fit on this or that" is kind of pointless.
Ok, let me explain what I mean...

First, any of the returning cast, they don't count in this discussion because they are returning. They're coming back because they were alive at the end of X3 and the audience knows them.

But at the same time a lot can be done with them that applies to DOFP.

For example, if the cure ended up wearing off (speculated by many due to Magneto's moving of the chess piece) then Rogue and Bobby would still be having issues with their relationship. This could lead to an inhibitor collar plot device.

Kitty was a main part of the comic version of DOFP, but maybe Singer won't go that route. But she could be used as a love interest for Colossus (would love to see that) or as a jealousy factor for Rogue, causing her to ask someone to invent an inhibitor device...

Old Charles is either going to be the comatose indentical twin with Charle's brain (threw up in my mouth again) or will only be in the movie after something is changed in the past causing the future to alter (if they go that route).

Blink was more of an Age of Apolcalypse character, and for all we know that is where she will be used, meaning at the end of the movie after the past was "fixed" changing the future, but now we have AOA. To me this is the best way to end the flick, which would make her character more important in the next movie. Another option, of course, even though it would not be per the comic, is to enable her blink wave to teleport through time. So this is how they would send someone (or a team) back in time to fix the past...

Bishop. This one is very easy. His character is from a sentinal controlled dystopian future. He's a member of the XSE (which would be really cool in a movie like this). He was the leader when Trevor Fitzroy was captured. Fitzroy escaped to the past and Bishop went after him. Seems like he sure applies to a present/past storyline. Even better, in the cartoon version Bishop replaces Kitty/Kate as the catalyst in the DOFP story. Also, he's a major character in the AOA because as a man out of time he remembers/realizes that the timeline is not right.

And the only other one you mention is Warpath. So let's see, in the comic version of DOFP Warpath was... umm... not involved. And in the cartoon versions of DOFP Warpath was... umm... not there. And in AOA Warpath was... umm... not there...

The only thing from X-men canon that could apply to Warpath and DOFP is his initial hatred for Xavier. But that was because of his brother dying (would Singer have that happen in the movie?). Maybe Warpath causes the AOA by killing Prof. X in the past? Just throwing stuff out there...

So look, yes, I agree, we all agree, that Singer can do whatever he wants. If he wants the Days of Future Past to be a visit to the Shi'ar homeworld that's up to him. No one is saying otherwise.

But what I am saying is that every character so far is there because they were there at the end of X3 (Rogue, Iceman, Kitty, old Magneto, Storm, Wolverine), or they seem (per canon) to possibly apply to either the DOFP or the AOA storylines (Bishop, Blink). Warpath doesn't fit.

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