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Default Re: I think enough time has passed now..I can honestly say..

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
Does 'beginning, middle, end' really necessitate it only be 3 movies? I'm not sure of that.

This might sound crazy to some, but there's about to be a third Star Wars trilogy. Beginning = 3 movies, Middle, = 3 movies, End = 3 movies.

If this sort of thing were done with someone like Nolan as opposed to George Lucas, imagine the possibilities.

It doesn't even have to be three trilogies. It could be 3 sets of 2, so six movies.

A bit pointless to dream now, but there was just so much potential left untapped, and now we'll never see Nolan tap it.
I see what you mean, but I'm thinking of a classic one off trilogy, with a beginning, middle, and end.

I would have loved the balloon to expand for another set of films with Nolan and Bale, but after awhile these actors, directors, and pretty much everyone else involved eventually get fatigued from playing these characters and inhabiting these worlds after so long. Look at RDJ, he's possibly considering calling it quits from what I have heard.

And maybe it's the cynic in me, but when these "epic stories" go past 3 or 4 films, it's pretty much a cash grab at that point. But that's another discussion entirely.

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