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Default Re: Your top 5 DC graphic novels...

Originally Posted by Czar Colossus View Post
Go for
Blackest Night
Superman/Batman trades (most are really good)
JSA & Justice Society trades
JLA: Tornadoes Path & Lightning Saga
Power Girl by Amanda Conner
Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
Wonder Woman by George Perez
Power of SHAZAM
All Star Superman
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
JLA: Heaven's Ladder
Justice League: A New Beginning
J.L. The Nail & Another Nail
JLA/JSA : Virtue and Vice
The Flash ( any Mark Waid trades)
Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga
Wrath of the Spectre by Michael Fleisher and Jim Aparo
Green Lantern/Green Arrow by O'Neil & Adams
Superman/SHAZAM: First Thunder
That should keep you busy.
The JSA stuff is really worth it in particular since DC has decided to defecate all over the legacy of the JSA.
Well, that's a really interesting list. Thanks for that.

In many ways BvS could be considered an indie arthouse film dressed up as a blockbuster. Or the superhero film that Stanley Kubrick might have made.
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