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Default Re: I think enough time has passed now..I can honestly say..

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
Does 'beginning, middle, end' really necessitate it only be 3 movies? I'm not sure of that.

This might sound crazy to some, but there's about to be a third Star Wars trilogy. Beginning = 3 movies, Middle, = 3 movies, End = 3 movies.

If this sort of thing were done with someone like Nolan as opposed to George Lucas, imagine the possibilities.

It doesn't even have to be three trilogies. It could be 3 sets of 2, so six movies.

A bit pointless to dream now, but there was just so much potential left untapped, and now we'll never see Nolan tap it.
You're looking at a beginning of three films that came out decades after the middle with Star Wars, though. I felt like the original trilogy was perfect but Lucas wanted to milk the product and that gave us a pathetic beginning and who knows how the "end" could be, and yet, can we even say the "end" will be just that? A trilogy to end some saga?

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
I think enough time has passed now for a new Batman movie

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