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Default Re: The #4 movie - which movie series will have it first?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
The film lost it's original Director and Singer did rewrites. It has changed since Vaughn left, no doubt about it. There was also studio talk about Days Of Future Past before FC.

I just don't see it that way at all. Avengers is literally it's own series apart from the other stand alone Marvel franchises. Dofp is not, and the X-Men won't be coming back every three years to star in a DoFP film. It's part of the same X-men film line and that's all that has ever been there. Doesn't matter if the decade or cast is different. I get what your trying to say I just disagree. I think they are def trying to pull something similar in terms of the size of Avengers here, and that Fox is aching to cash in. It's just not the same situation in terms of how these films are set up or crossed over at all. X-Men post X3 are just going back in time. Thats not 4 films coming togther to star in an all new title. There are no crossing over of different characters from multiple stand alone series and no new series title or anything like that. I hope they go that route later post DofP, but for now none of that exists.

But yeah, think I'm going in circles now so agree to disagree haha.
See... The Avengers was introduced in the post credits of IM1, and it paid off story threads from that and IM2, as well as other films. It was anything but standalone. Not *as* connected as the X-Men films, but IM3's trailer starts with "Nothing's been the same since New York..." It's all part of the same story, they just have different names depending on which characters it's focusing on, while the X-Men films have different names based on what time period it's focusing on. Not the same, but the same principles apply.

And Singer's hoping for the same, so you're in good company.

Good convo.

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
^^^ Thank you Cosmic for expressing this in a way I couldn't and with Singer's quotes to back it up. People seem to have forgotten that before the title was officially Days of Future Past it was X-Men: First Class 2. I had been looking for when he said it's not so much of a sequel as it is it's own thing, just couldn't remember which interview it was. But of course no matter what Singer says people are still going to call it X4 because that's what they want it to be.
Very welcome. I understand where they're coming from... some of my friends did call Avengers "Iron Man 3" (or the Wolverine movie "Wolverine 4"). It was quite funny, but they have a point, this is the next step in the story, so why not call it a sequel to the previous part of the story? Other than it's a slight to those who are doing their own stories here.

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