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Default Re: How the Next Batman Reboot is Driven by the Suit

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Well it starts with movie's having a fundamental misunderstanding of the word "bullet proof" and evoking images of Superman with bullets harmlessly bouncing off his chest.

In reality bulletproof vests (et. all) do no such thing. Bullets carry velocity, and the kevlar in the vest slows down that velocity, but it's still going to transfer some to the object, i.e. the person wearing said armor. So there's still a high potential for broken bones, bruising, scarring and even penetration, however it vastly decreases the odds of mortality. So Batman just walking around like normal after being shot is not very realistic at all. That's more what I was getting at.

So in the end spandex, armor, stuff like what we've seen already is all really about the same degree of unreality when you get down to it.
Batman isnt a normal human based on the comics. I read on a DC wikia article that he achieved full-body control by 18. If Batman, a human that has a naturally enhanced physiology that is above that of olympic athletes and full body control due to training with elite masters all over the world, don't you think that he would be able to walk away from the impact of a bullet? We're talking about the original Batman, not Nolan's incredibly mortal Batman. Considering a movie adaptation that involves Supes and Bats teaming up in the future, wouldn't it be better to give Batman a major advantage against a regular person? It wouldn't make sense for Superman to do most of the work and have a Batman that gets considerably weak in the middle of a life/death situation. Remember what I said about full-body control? Batman's physical capacity should allow him to temporarily absorb the blunt impact of a bullet to a kevlar vest until after the situation/fight has dissipated or been resolved. When you factor in adrenaline, Batman should be able to survive a bullet (armor or not) for at least most of the day due to "full-body control". It shouldn't just be the suit doing all the work. Especially if nobody wants a movie Batman with thick armor. That's just my opinion but I definitely understand what you mean. No human (even batman) doesn't just walk away unscathed from a direct gunshot.

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