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Default Re: Your top 5 DC graphic novels...

Originally Posted by Hush View Post
You act like there is nothing good in DC right now and that's just wrong. Get over the reboot already.
OK I will acknowledge that Batman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman are good, but those are characters that were not really changed (rather just a continuation of what was already happening pre-New 52). Therefore they are exceptions that are having a positive effect on the New 52 (and not that the New 52 is having a positive effect on them).
As for getting over it; sorry if my complaints bother you, but rest assured I do not lose sleep over this reboot (my life is not that pathetic).
As I understand it this is a place to speak your opinion on comics. As a DC fanatic for years, it gives me no pleasure to voice my criticism of something I've loved for so long. Nothing they are doing right now even compares to the best stuff from the past (in my humble opinion).

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