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Default Re: How should they handle Wolverine in this movie? (if he had to be in it..)

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I hope they do so. It would be an ideal opportunity to tease DoFP.

Marvel almost always does this sort of thing with a post-credits scene (except for the okay-but-not-that-exciting Iron Man 3, where you have to wait through 10 minutes of credits for something that's not worth it).
Haven't seen IM3 yet, so I can't comment, but an after-credits scene for The Wolverine would be great. Even if it's something subtle as Wolverine waking up from a loud noise or some disturbance, walking out and looking up to something in the sky that throws a large shadow over him - or just something that connects to DOFP in any way to let us know where exactly does it fall in the overall timeline.

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