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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by EvilClareToo View Post
BTW, what does Bryan Singer have against Gambit? He is pretty much putting every major mutant in Days of Future Past except our Cajun (and Nightcrawler, but I get maybe why he isn't in). Would it kill him to have Gambit make an awesome cameo taking down a Sentinel? I guess we should look at the bright side...At least he can't destroy Gambit like he did Storm and Rogue...
I think the main reason they left him out of Singer's earlier movies was because his personality was deemed too close to Wolverine's (dark, mysterious), and his powers were considered too similar to Cyclops' (red/pink stuff that makes things explode). Fans kept demanding him, so they kept scripting cameos... and then not including them. He was going to cameo in X2 and X3, but got dropped at the last moment both times.

I don't think Singer has any kind of grudge - he self-admitted that he'd never really been into comics before he was asked to direct X-Men. So he had no favorites to play.

They finally plugged him into Origins due to appease fans and try to drum up a little love, and the result was "meh." I would agree that, should they ever choose to include him in a future film, no one will care if they break the Origins: Wolverine continuity. That movie's an absolute mess, and it just threw everything else from the series out the window.

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