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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

I've just got the season 2 dvds of AvEMH and rewatched them, on a second veiwing I cannot believe they crammed Galactus into one episode, even the super hero squad show knew better than that! Hell I'd go as far to say I prefer that take on the galactus 'problem', it wasn't as rushed and all the different characters got screen time. With the AvEMH's episode the whole thing is pulled in too many directions at once with so many heros and so little time... I know they probably had no choice but it seems a shame and a waste >.<

but that statement can also be applied to the unresolved Surtur arc, was really looking forward to seeing how that panned out.

ah well, will keep re-watching and wait for the new series, which I am being positive about until I have a reason to dislike it =)

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