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Default Re: Iron man and Hulk

Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
Over at Latino Review, they're saying one of the stingers, which was seen at the Paris premiere, in the credits is of Tony boring Banner to sleep with his various stories of traumas he's suffered. Tony gets made at him for falling asleeep and procedes to put him asleep again. Looks like the bromance is on the rocks.
I loved this post credits scene, very low key but it really made me laugh, although it raises a lot of questions, why is Banner back from where ever he went off to after the avengers? Did he come back when he heard Tony was in trouble but was too late to help? Is so, why was he so bored by the story, if they are friends, Banner would be concerned...? it kinda implies to me that the scene is a fair way in the future and Banner's heard the story before alot...

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