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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I don't get it. lol. It was the first trailer, and it did exactly what it was suppose to do. Show action, show the the relation ship.

It did what it was suppose to do. Tease. It's not suppose to be a "good trailer". It's a teaser.
clearly hehehe Some people found it an underwhelming teaser trailer, simple as...

MOS teaser trailer (don't you all shoot me now) found something to interest me by being completely unexpected and different. Some found it boring, their opinion, can't argue with that.

This Thor teaser trailer didn't do that for me. In a season where news, trailers posters are coming thick and fast foe so many interesting movies, I personally need something to offer something unique to grab my attention.

Like I said elsewhere, a bit unfair on the Thor tt because it's not a fresh start like MOS is.

At least we agree regarding a dislike of Jane hehehe

Thor: Ragnarok - 6 / 10
Justice League - 5 / 10

Both fun.
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