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OK, I saw this last night. The very first liftoff and flight scene of the bubble ship had my jaw dropping. I literally had to contain myself, It looked so awesome. And fortunately, it's featured all throughout the movie.

The landscapes looked so amazing. I never knew Iceland was so beautiful.

The story is neither perfect nor revolutionary. It's standard sci-fi that pays homage to classic books and films. It's a visual feast. There's plenty of action, and it's done really well. For parents, I strongly suggest leaving small kids at home, though.

There is a rich emotional element within the story. It's just not going to be literally spelled out or spoon-fed to you. There are many scenes with minimal dialogue, or none at all. The narration doesn't explain every detail for you.

If you are on the fence about this movie, go see it right now.

If you are a fan of the genre, ignore all the haters and nitpickers and just go see this while it's still up on the big screen.

Strongly recommended, 8/10

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