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Default Re: Five things you DON'T want in 'The Wolverine'

1. Too much focus on this as part of a franchise. It seemed from early on this was going to be disconnected from the other X-Men films. But now we see Jean Grey and we're being told it takes place after X3. This franchise is just too convoluted at this point. Just tell us damn Wolverine story apart from the X-Men.

2. No more toned down Wolverine. We were told throughout the X movies Wolverine did all kinds of regrettable stuff in his past. He talks a lot about it in Origins but we never really see him full berserker and unleash violence he later regrets.

3. No over-romanticizing Jean Grey. Really afraid this will happen. In the comic world it's different because those characters had much more history. In the movies they flirted for a bit and that was it. They never consummated it. We don't even know if Jean Grey loved Wolverine back. It's never really made clear if you look back on it. There's no reason he should be moping over her at this point. He's lost lots of loved ones, that should be the issue.

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