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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by squeekness View Post
This was not meh... LOL

This is arguably my favorite scene of any X film

I just got back from seeing Iron Man 3 (we get it a week early here in Europe). All I can say is....WHY OH WHY MUST FOX HAVE THE RIGHTS TO X-MEN!!!!!

(Highly recommend Iron Man 3 btw-very good!)

Any-hoo...who has read the latest Gambit comic? I saw a few pages online, and, yes Rogue had to go there...Can someone stop making her into an immature hypocritical teenager when it comes to her relationship with Gambit? And please someone say he called her out on her sh#t. I only saw a panel where he got somewhat angry at her for wanting him to be sulking by himself while she "decides what she wants". GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

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