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Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
I just don't think he wants to be seen as only Tony Stark in his later years. Best time for him to make a break from Tony Stark is probably after TA2, which I think he feels he needs to be a part of now that MCU Phase II has started and Joss has started writing already. Plus, it's very unlikely Marvel is going to get another trilogy out of him so it'd probably be good to either move on from him or hold the IM franchise until they find an adequate replacement. For him to continue as Tony Stark, it sounds like they're really going to have to find something meaty and meaningful in future arcs to keep him.
If he is seen by Tony Stark by certain people, you aren't going to change this now. Truth is, he is RDJ more then Tony to the public. And well, Tony is actually more RDJ then a character to the public.

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