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Default Re: AMC, Regal Entertainment theaters, and Cinemark Theaters will not be showing IM3

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
I'm sure it was negotiated. The normal asking price is 50-55% of the take, Disney was asking 60-65%. They probably settled somewhere in the middle.

Keep in mind this was not just about Iron Man, this was going to effect every future Disney release to come out, so Regal and AMC had very little bargaining room.
Actually they had a lot of bargaining room...if they decided they weren't going to show the movie Disney would be worst off than AMC and Regal. The theaters will still make money off the other films they are showing.

The theaters won:

With the accords, Disney’s Marvel unit and the exhibitors avert a potentially costly dispute. The chains had resisted the studio’s demand for a bigger share of ticket sales.

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