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Default Re: You'll Believe a Man can Lounge

Can I say that when i first saw pics of MOS, i wasnot impressed. Most of my gripes were from a superficial and nostalgic love for the Donner films. I had already made up in my mind that there is no way that this movie will even LOOK good. So my stock was in all the OTHER super hero movies slated for this year.

But here I am, one bit of info after another, up until this last INCREDIBLE trailer. No movie has had me this amped since I heard my childhood favorite tv show Speed Racer was being made, which turned to be EVERYTHING I wanted from that movie...

That being said, I believe in this movie, I have honestly no movie interest that supersedes this. I am excited about this movie. I believe that Zack Snyder can pull this off.

I believe that once again, I will believe a man can fly.

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no kid in fifteen years will recall what was going on in the haze of animated card game shows where cat faced japanese children yelled annoyingly and danced around and shot mushrooms out of their mouths.
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