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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

Originally Posted by MagnarTheGreat View Post
Now, two episodes into Attack On Titan and I also did a little bit of research into the manga.
  • Eren needs to STFU. Seriously, what a terrible lead character he has been so far. An angsty, yelling brat about everything.
  • I hope the timeskip and the military matures Eren because he sucks right now.
  • The manga is still on-going. I hope this show has an ending (if I make it that far) because I don't have the time for these shonen shows that go on for hundreds of episodes and have big dips in quality due to budget and filler and other assorted problems. If this turns into Bleach or Dragon Ball, I'm definitely gone.
  • I really dig the concept and art so far and some of the other characters, but I'm a little wary.
I agree with a lot of what you had to say for the exception of the last point. I don't want an anime only ending. I absolutely hate that. They did it with Ao No Exorcist and Soul Eater (both great series) and I feel that almost always kills any chance of the show ever getting a proper adaption (following the manga). The only instance where we were able to get a second anime was with Full Metal Alchemist and that had to do with the enormous reception both critically and financially that series was able to get in both Japan, North America and everywhere else it played.

I don't want any useless filler for Attack on Titan either but I don't want a truncated anime only ending. Those are always ridiculously underwhelming.

Attack on Titan is a gigantic rising star at the moment. Its opening was able to get over 1 million views in short of a week of its premiere. That to me shows a huge interest in this series. I've never seen something quite like that for a new anime.

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Wow, didn't know it had an anime now, i've been hearing a lot of good things about the manga for the past year but never felt like reading it, i think i'm gonna try the anime.
Definitely go ahead and watch this one. Calling it incredibly powerful would be an understatement.

Prepare for constant goosebumps. Starting with the amazing opening. It's one of those openings that immediately lets you know that you're in for a classic.

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