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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Iron Man 3 was actually really good. Right now, its in my top 5 when it comes to all Marvel films. The Wolverine has to be really good to top it off.
I thought Iron Man 3 was okay, but nothing more. And that had nothing to do with what happened with Mandarin because I was fine with that. (But can you imagine how the fanboys would rage against Fox if they did that with a major villain!!!??).

A lot of the humour in IM3 fell flat (no one really laughed, and the quips were nowhere near as good as in the Avengers) and there were too many explosions (and too many suits of armour that could fly about on their own!).

It made me have more hope and faith in The Wolverine. But I think IM3 will do very well - judging from critics' reactions so far - and I have doubts that The Wolverine will reach those heights critically and financially.

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